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As an emotional, type A, creative person who believes in using my pain and experience to help others, I am a productive folk singer-songwriter. I have been singing since childhood. I have been writing songs since 2000 and recording since 2011. In the past, my songs have been depressing, but as I have become stronger, my songs have become more uplifting.

VIP members will have access to my upcoming music releases, including "A New Day", along with my previous self-published music. It is more raw than my new EP. It represents a darker time in my past. But I think showing the different seasons of life is valuable for folks going through their own. Our past makes us who we are; hopefully stronger. I hope all the seasons of music I have recorded can help you get through your own.

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Heather Day
Heather Day is an independent singer-songwriter from Florida. She performed her first solo when she was 6 years old and continued singing throughout her life. As a teen she discovered the theater and jumped headfirst into musicals. She played principle roles in such shows as: The World Goes ‘Round, She Loves Me, Once Upon A Mattress, and Working.
Now, Heather self-publishes music.

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